About me

My name is Demetre Koumanakos and my callsign is SV1ENS. I was born in 1962, I'm married to a wonderful and supporting wife and blessed with a teenage son and a daughter. I hold degrees in Social/Political Sciences, Fine Arts/Photography, and Software Engineering.
After my University studies in Canada, US and Greece, I served in the Hellenic Army helicopter division. When my tour of duty was over, I started working for the Greek telecommunications sector initially as a Network Engineer and currently as Program Director Expatriate. We presently live in Canada (VE3/SV1ENS) and I travel between Canada and where my contracts take me.

My Interests

My free time is shared between my family and my many interests and hobbies. Other than logging a rare DX, I really enjoy taking trips with my family, we've traveled all over Europe, US, Canada, and parts of the Middle East. Our aim for future travel is the Far East.
I love open sea sailing, nothing like the smell of salt in the air, the wind on your sails and the company of a select few that are on the same boat with you! Cruising with my BMW R Roadster is as relaxing as open sailing, but without the sea ! so... Lets Ride...
I like to participate to as many outdoor events as I can, football, paintball, airsoft, and lots of "BBQing".
Photography was my major hobby and interest since high school and up to my University years, it actually managed to set Amateur Radio on the side. I no longer do photography, but I passed this interest to my wife who now does all the art in the family. BTW the photo used for my QSL card is a photo I took outside the Law School of Athens.
Some of my passions include wrist watches and good books. My favourite authors are; My Father Andreas Koumanakos, Agatha Christy, JRR Tolkien, Ian Fleming, and many others.

Amateur Radio Info

Even though I've been a Radio Amateur since 1976 when I built my first transmitter using an EL84 radio tube, I was licensed in 1997 after passing a difficult code requirement.
During my University years I was involved with my University Amateur Radio Club and I worked mostly Phone on 10 meters with several thousands of contacts (this was cycle 21 peak season) on all continents. I now operate mainly PSK31 & MFSK on 20 meters.
I've participate in digi contests and have been awarded 1st European place for Single-Op QRP Multi-Band for the 070 PSKFEST of 2002 & 2005.
I try to build as many of my own equipment and antennas as my amateur electronics permit, still trying to bring back a Heathkit HW-100 stations with it's peripherals. I enjoy creating Amateur Radio related software, I've coded several programs for antenna and transmission line calculations, but my favourite software is Amazing Kenwood controller which fully controls most HF Kenwood rigs. Amazing Kenwood was placed in the "SoftBase Top 40".

My Equipment

My Shack includes the following equipment:
Base Station: YAESU FT-450D & LDG YT-450, YAESU FT-857 & LDG AT200PRO, Jetstream JTPS31MB, ALINCO DM330MV
Portable HF QRP: YAESU FT-817, LDG Z-11, Small Wonderlabs PSK20
Mobile: KENWOOD TM-241, Portable: YAESU VX-5, ICOM IC-E7
Oldies: KENWOOD TS-140, YAESU FT-23, HEATHKIT HW-100, HEATHKIT HM-102, ASTATIC D-104, AMSTRAD CPC 6128 Z80 computer
Shack Gadgets: MFJ antenna tuners, keys, DIAMOND SWR meters, APRS modems ect.
Antennas: Home Brewed HF Vertical Diamond Loop, several home brewed vertical monobanders, as well as few Maldol VHF/UHF verticals, and several mobile whips
Computers: several Macs running OSX for media sharing and portable use, a HP-Compaq 6710b running Vista64 for digi, a Dell file/HTML/FTP server running Ubuntu Linux. All shack and family computers are connected through a WiFi network and high speed Internet connections.

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